AVIM Operator

Whether you need a one-time delivery flight or long term crew capacity, the AVIM team has you covered

Contact us to see how our innovative approach allows us to help fill the crewing gaps in your operation

AVIM Clearinghouse
AVIM Clearinghouse

Recruitment Software

Our Operator Back-End gives you everything you need to manage recruitment all under one roof.

Use our software to track multiple positions, filter candidates by qualifications, set up automatic rules to move between rounds, update job requirements on the fly, manage documents, and so much more. Keep your listing private, or list it pubicly on the AVIM Clearinghouse.

Freelance Crews

Take the hassle out of managing your freelance crews and simplify with one provider.

AVIM will act as your personal recruiting department, and will find the freelance pilots and cabin crew you need to fill the gaps in your roster. Scale up and down seamlessly to match capacity and demand. Leave crewing to us so you can focus on your bottom line.