AVIM has developed a completely bespoke crewing model and leverages a global operator network to keep your career moving

Whether pilot or cabin crew, we place more than any other company. Join us, and see where you can go

AVIM Clearinghouse
AVIM Clearinghouse


If you are a higly qualified pilot in commercial, corporate, or rotary aircraft, then you are in demand. Full time and Freelance positions are readily availble with competetive pay.

At AVIM, top operations trust us to fill their capacity with highly qualified pilots just like you. We match you with the operations and contracts that are suited to your unique goals.

Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew fear not. Here at AVIM, you're a first class citizen. Corporate aviation has a large demand for qualified, attentive, and professional cabin crew.

We are constantly on the lookout for the top performers that operators require. If you have questions about the process to securing a position as a corporate flight attendant, please contact us.